AllinAll R&D Facility is Set Up in Ireland

AllinAll’s New R&D Facility

AllinAll has been able to set up a new R&D facility in Rosemount with the aim of increasing innovation. The new facility has an additional pilot plant, which provides the scientific equipment and infrastructure for the development, trial, and demonstration of new products. AllinAll is a company that has been in the food industry for the last 20 years and manufactures ingredients, blends, and sauces for the processing food sector. The company’s previous facility was based in Parkwest, Dublin.

A Truly Advanced Food Research & Innovation Centre

Minister for Defence, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, TD, graced the opening ceremony of the new facility in Dublin and stated that it was very encouraging to find such an advanced food research and innovation centre being developed there. He added that the new facility will help AllinAll to expand into new markets in the future. The centre is open to international food scientists looking to conduct research experiments or make improvements to existing products. This is encouraging as it may be a way of attracting food industry investors in the country. The facility is currently open and research and development activities are already taking place.

Innovation 2020 Development’s Goals

The government of Ireland has been urging firms and individuals alike to invest in research and development in line with the Innovation 2020 development goals. The chief executive officer at AllinAll  stated that over time, people’s food preferences and needs will always change and therefore there is a need to innovate. With the existing 25% R&D tax credit incentive in Ireland, AllinAll Company is bound to make huge progress in its research and innovation activities.

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