Bord Na Mona’s Innovation Strategy

Sustainability: A Driving Force

Sustainability has been a major driving force in many firm’s innovative projects. Energy, waste and horticulture company Bord na Mona has implemented a sustainable innovation strategy to focus on a transition towards renewable energy projects.

Keen On Innovation

The firm is keen on innovation as it is a major component that facilitates growth. The team has almost completed the development of new technology that could help in the removal of contaminants, such as siloxanes from biogas and landfill gas to make it more suitable for energy production.

Securing External Funding for Internal Activities

The Innovation Centre in Bord Na Mona is responsible for securing external funding to support internal R&D activities. This kind of external funding comes from R&D grants in Ireland, Revenue tax credits as well as the Lean Transform Programme for Feedstock. Since 2004, a total of €940k has been brought into the firm in the form of R&D tax credits. From this, 80% of the total came after the launch of the Innovation Centre in 2008. For the 2016-2018 period, the company is set to secure €570k. In Ireland, the firm responsible for supporting the development of business and innovation is Enterprise Ireland, with much of the funding being technology-focused. In most cases, the funding is followed by both a technical and financial follow-up audit which is prepared by Bord Na Mona’s innovation team.

Available to Both Large & Small Firms

In Ireland, both large and small firms are capable of reaping the rewards from the R&D tax credit. This will help to ensure that these firms grow over time and boost the overall economy of the country. For enquiries about claiming the tax incentive, do not hesitate to contact Swanson Reed R&D Consultants.

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