Cork-Based Startup May Save Lives With the Firemole Overheating Sensor Device

Exciting, Cork-Based Startup

A new product that seeks to prevent fires from overheating mobile devices is bound to be a hit in Ireland. This product has been developed by a Cork-based startup and sounds an inbuilt alarm when it detects the overheating of an electrical device.


Begun in 2016, the product has been dubbed ‘Firemole’ and is the only product in the market that alerts people to overheating devices. Founder Seán Ó Tuama explains that it is a small battery-operated temperature sensor which can be attached to other electrical devices. Devices like faulty chargers can potentially result in catastrophic fires. Recently, 250,000 power banks were recalled by Amazon due to their risk of overheating.

Expansion Into the Retail Space

The startup is set to roll the devices into retail stores and has already sold over 2,000 Firemoles on its website. They also seek to raise funds to launch a smart version of the gadget. This will allow the owner to be alerted with an app and switch the device off automatically. The pioneer of the company stated that he took advantage of Enterprise Ireland’s New Frontiers programme at the Rubicon Centre in Cork Institute of Technology. He was later able to win the innovation award in May and later sent out press releases with the hope of generating interest with the main focus being the Irish market. The response was overwhelming and orders have been placed in the UK, US and Australia. Using €50,000 in Competitive Start Funding to invest in packaging and marketing, the pioneer of the startup said that the goal now was to make the most of first mover advantage in this space. This Cork-based startup expects to make strong sales in Ireland this year and move to exports early next year.

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