Cork, Dublin and Galway Top The List On The New Renaissance Hotspots Report

Huawei’s New Renaissance Hotspots report shows how Ireland is witnessing a new age of technological and creative innovation. In the report, Cork topped the for list sharing and connecting, Dublin ranked first for creating and Galway was dubbed as the most innovative city.

The report seeks to explore how, after the original Renaissance, we are witnessing a similar occurrence that constitutes a cultural explosion of ideas. An analysis of both quantitative and qualitative research saw ten European cities ranked in terms of three drivers of innovation: Creativity, Innovation, and Connectivity. The analysis of the specific cities was based on indicators such as the number of creative employment opportunities, the levels of engagement with the digital technology as well as the range of integration with new innovations. In addition, the analysis included aspects such as how the cities were prepared for the future, an analysis of the number of graduates in technological and creative areas, as well as looking at ICT patent applications.

Commenting on this, Anne Lise Kjaer from Kjaer Global stated that the complexities in society and business growth are transforming the future of the job market. Evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence are playing a huge role in transforming the more traditional jobs in society. Due to this, organizations as well as whole cities will need to adopt a growth mindset that will in turn ensure that agility, creativity and resilience are nurtured as the world changes.

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