Innovative Healthy Snack Comes to the Stores of Dublin & Cork

Healthy Treats for All in Dublin & Cork

Squeezy fruit and yoghurt pouches are now not only for children but for adults to enjoy too. Tipperary Company Nüdest Food has introduced their latest innovative healthy snack in the form of squeezy pouches making it a convenient option for runners, cyclists, athletes and people on the go.

Targeting an Older Demographic

A product like this has been available for babies and young children but two years ago the company decided that such an option should be available for adults too.

Nüdest Pouches

The Nüdest pouches are convenient, transportable and hygienic as well as being 100% natural fruit-based. They provide slow release of energy, fibre and protein.

Perfect for a Busy Lifestyle

This revolutionised snack option will provide busy people with an easy option to enjoy a yoghurt type drink without the hassle of requiring a spoon or need to dispose of a lid or dirty container.

Origins of the Name Nüdest

The name ‘Nüdest’ came about from the product being a food with nothing to hide, as it is stripped back from all the bad stuff.

Nüdest’s Use of R&D Tax Credits

Founder of Nüdest Fiona Keane has received several R&D grants in order to further develop and promote the brand and product.

Now Sold in Over 20 Service Stations

Nüdest is now sold in 20 service stations in the UK grocery and a contract has recently been signed with the health food distribution company IIHS in hope that the product will be on the shelves in two to three weeks.

150,000+ Pouches Have Been Sold

Since launching in 2016, over 150,000 pouches have been sold and Ms Keane is excited to further increases this number now that Nüdest will be on the shelves of many more stores and online distributors. With the implementation of further R&D and innovative product development strategies the goal for the next three years is to have a turnover of €7m and a staff of 10.

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