Mastercard To Create New High-Tech Jobs in Dublin

Mastercard’s research and development center in Dublin has been able to offer employment to more than 200 people. In their promotion of innovation, this global multinational is set to create 175 new jobs as it seeks to add more digital payment solutions to its portfolio. In this, the company will employ people in different areas such as software engineering, the blockchain sector, product designing sector and information security experts.

The Mastercard lab is mainly focused on digital payment methods and solutions such as the QKR app, Ask Italian in the UK and Zizi also in the UK. The company also seeks to exploit the virtual and augmented reality experiences that in turn will change the way individuals shop, book flights, or even order takeaway from restaurants.

The team also seeks to explore a wide array of blockchain solutions and artificial intelligence in securing payments. This will be a big leap forward as these new technologies have the potential to transform the way transactions are made with regards to the security of data in this sector. Mastercard Labs opened in Dublin, Ireland in 2012. However, a point worth noting is that the company has had a base in Ireland since late 2008 following its €81 million acquisition of Irish firm Orbiscom. The company states that Ireland is at the heart of its innovation and they seek to replicate the innovation culture there to the other parts of the world. This success has been created by the presence of a vibrant culture that allows for the recruitment of highly skilled personnel. This company is therefore to use expertise in the creation of solutions for numerous customers in Ireland and worldwide. This therefore means that more people in Dublin will gain employment, especially those with the required technical skills.

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