New Technologies Showcased At The 2018 Irish Manufacturing Solutions Conference

Ireland’s Largest Manufacturing Supply Chain Conference

In June, Ireland held the country’s largest-ever manufacturing supply chain conference and trade show. This conference was hosted by GTMA (a trade association that represents the leading companies in precision engineering, tool marking, and tooling technologies) and the Limerick Institute of Technology. Midwest’s thriving aerospace and aviation industry featured strongly at the conference and there were also guest speakers from Boeing, Shannon IASC and Enterprise Ireland. These talks aimed at impacting the aviation sector in Ireland that currently employs over 1600 people. Moreover, a guest speaker from Cook Medical presented a speech on Industry 4.0, INCASE, and other innovative projects.

CNC Penta Machine

Manufacturing Solutions saw to the unveiling of the new state of the art CNC Penta Machine. This is an 8 x 2m, 15 tonne machine that was acquired by Panalok Ltd, Ennis with the ability to make a range of very small yet highly precise nuts and fasteners for use in the aerospace sector. The machine has previously been exhibited in places such as Chicago, Milan, and Birmingham.

Creating Jobs in New Markets

The Director at Panalok Limited stated the new machine represents a huge investment by the company. As such, through endeavours in innovation and technology, the company will be able to open up new markets as well as help grow jobs. Moreover, the collaborations by numerous stakeholders (both external and internal) show that the manufacturing industry in Ireland is maturing and taking shape for a better future. This will boost up other sectors that directly or indirectly associated with the manufacturing sector.

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