NUI’s New Master’s Program in Agricultural Innovation

A New Masters in AgInnovation Programme

The National University of Ireland Galway has stated that applications are now open and ongoing for a new Masters in AgInnovation (Agricultural Innovation) programme. This master’s programme is open to 20 individuals working in Ireland’s agricultural sector. This shows that institutions of higher learning in Ireland are dedicated to ensuring that innovation results from collaboration with industry.

Learn On a Long-Distance Basis

The program is set to last one year and participants can learn on a long-distance basis, making it flexible for workers. The concept behind this new program is that the agricultural sector needs adequate entrepreneurial skills, creative thinking as well as innovation. As such, the program aims to help address the challenges around commercialising innovations, business constraints and expanding products to new markets.

Employers Will Pay 10% of the Fee

A point worth noting is that for industry employees, their employers will be obliged to pay 10% of the fee. The program is also supported by multinational venture capital firms in Ireland. For instance, the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) has committed €20 million to an investment fund that is managed by Californian venture capital firm Finistere Ventures. This is targeted at making this country the ‘AgTech Island’.

Providing Support for the Agricultural Innovation Ecosystem

A TechInnovate Director at NUI Galway stated that programmes like this provide early-stage support for the agricultural innovation ecosystem. Over time, these stakeholders will propel the sector towards economic prosperity through the creation of products and services that create value for society.

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