Qualify your eligibility for Irish R&D

Major Barriers for Companies

One of the major barriers for companies claiming the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit in Ireland is self-censorship of what they believe will not qualify. However, it can often come as a surprise when businesses learn just how many different industries are in fact eligible for R&D credits. Ultimately, these federal and state tax credits offer a viable opportunity to transform R&D expenses (developing new or improved products, processes or software) to valuable R&D tax credits.

Myth: Only Large Corporations Qualify for R&D Tax Credit

Undeniably, a common misbelief surrounding the R&D tax credit is that only large corporations qualify and that it’s too complex to apply for.

Which Industries Qualify for the R&D Tax Credit?

In light of this, we’ve put together an infographic which indicates which industries qualify for the R&D Tax Credit below. Alternatively, you can download the PDF to print or save here: Qualifying Industries for the R&D Tax Credit.

Qualifying Industries for the R&D Tax Credit (2)

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