Technology and Innovation Courses In Ireland

Technology & Innovation: Drivers of Success

Some of the key drivers of competitive advantage and sustained development are technology and innovation. By definition, innovation refers to the process of translating an idea into a good or service that is able to create value for the society. Innovation can happen when companies apply ideas so as to further meet the rising wants and expectations of consumers. As such, there are numerous institutions that support innovation in Ireland.

University College Dublin

The National Institute of Technology Management runs a wide range of innovation programs including a Masters in Innovation & Technology Management and a Graduate Diploma in Technology and Innovation Management. These programs are aimed at assisting technical entrepreneurs and professional managers to develop the skills to catapult their companies ahead in the global innovation scene.

Dublin Institute of Technology

The Master’s of Science in Technology and Innovation Management aims to equip graduates in science, technology and engineering with management, business and commercialisation skills.

National University of Ireland Galway

This university offers the Master of Science and Technology Management program that enable individuals to get an insight into the role of technology and innovation management in a global economy.

Waterford Institute of Technology

The Waterford Institute has innovation courses for engineering graduates. In this, the institution seeks to produce graduates that have strong critical thinking and creativity so as to instigate future developments in the field. The Master’s of Science program in Innovative Technology Engineering is at NFQ Level 9. Moreover, the program has been designed to meet the accreditation standard of Engineers Ireland at Chartered level.

Ireland: Ensuring Future Success

Ireland is dedicated to ensuring that technology and development are at the forefront, as this is the key to future prosperity. The government further encourages this by offering R&D tax incentives. For more information on this, contact Swanson Reed Consultants.

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