Jobs created in Ireland by Huawei’s R&D Investment

Ireland’s R&D tax incentive has attracted the attention of multinational company Huawei. Having operations in Ireland since 2004, Huawei has decided to expand its workforce and invest €80m in R&D. This is on top of the €60m it has invested previously within Ireland. The new job opportunities afforded by this move are welcomed by Ireland’s Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Leo Varadkar, TD. He noted that many people are out of work across the country currently. However, he also remarked that the attraction of Ireland as an investment opportunity for international technology companies in such times remains strong.

Huawei appointed a new CEO in September of 2020, Tony Yangxu. Yangxu has been focused on the introduction of 5G in Ireland. The company’s R&D projects include AI, cloud computing and site-reliability engineering. Huawei has funded research in Ireland that furthers their business goals by working with Science Foundation Ireland as well as with higher-education institutions. This investment is supported by IDA Ireland, a state agency that promotes investment into Ireland by foreign-owned companies.

The support of the Irish Government towards companies investing in R&D through its tax credits is instrumental in attracting such businesses to the country. The tax credits are not only available to global businesses, but to all companies in Ireland that qualify. Take our eligibility test to check if you meet the requirements.

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