Kraft Heinz and APC Microbiome Ireland Partner Up to Develop New Natural Cultures

A 12-month research partnership between the Kraft Heinz Company and APC Microbiome Ireland may lead to the next generation of fermented ingredients and products. The collaboration will involve research and development of natural cultures for food fermentation processes, which help to prolong shelf life, improve taste and increase food safety and quality. The project may also enhance the ‘nutritional and functional’ properties of food according to the researchers at APC.

APC Microbiome Ireland is the largest and oldest microbiome research institute in the world. They have been developing fermentation end products for 20 years, which can be substituted for chemical preservatives in food and some antibiotics. The Kraft Heinz Company hopes to commercialise the research by replacing artificial ingredients in its sauces, meals, meats, plant-based products and dairy ranges.

This research will potentially impact many areas, including infectious disease, sustainability, infant formula, human health and animal welfare.

Source: Food Navigator

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